CO2 complete plant reusable system with 2000 g bottle, with magnetic valve

Item #: 190156

Diese Anlage haben wir aus 1000fach bewährten Markenprodukten für Sie zusammengestellt. Sie ist komplett ausgestattet und für Aquarien bis ca. 500 l geeignet.

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with 2000 g bottle, with magnetic valve
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The CO2 system contains:
  • CO2 bottle 2 kg . Industrial quality made in Germany. Filled with pure CO2 with permission for food usage.
  • CO2 pressure reducer with 2 manometers and needle valve. The needle valve you can adjust very exactly the flow of CO2. The Manometers are showing the bottle and the working pressure.
  • Aqua Medic CO2 reactor compact. CO2-reactor with integrated non-return valve and bubble counter for aquaria up to 200 liters. No pump needed.
  • CO2 hose. Aqua Medic CO2 pipe 4/6 mm = 5m transparent flexible  CO2 hose.
  • Check valve. This is already integrated in the reactor.
  • Magnetic valve. Quality magentic valve - made in Germany. Usable as night shut off by timer. Or for constant pH value controlled by a pH controller.
  • Manual for easy set up within 5 minutes in german and english language.
  • 2 years guarantee.
Product type: CO2 complete plant reusable system,with 500 g bottle, without magnetic valve
SKU 190151 CO2 complete plant reusable system,with 500 g bottle, with magnetic valve
SKU 190152 CO2 complete plant reusable system,with 2000 g bottle, without magnetic valve
SKU 190154 CO2 complete plant reusable system,with 2000 g bottle, with magnetic valve
SKU 190156 CO2 complete plant reusable system,without bottle, without magnetic valve
SKU 191157 CO2 complete plant reusable system,without bottle, with magnetic valve
SKU 191158
Complete Set
Complete Set
Complete Set
Complete Set
Complete Set
Complete Set
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Dimitiris writes: 15.04.2018
Great start to the world of Co2. I checked several other websites and products however none that offer CO2 at the quality and price of aquaristic.tec. It was by far the best solution. The directions could be better, however, I was able to set it up in no time. My plants are ecstatic, green and growing. Very satisfied. Customer in Greece.
Caroline writes: 03.04.2018
I bought the kit with magnetic valve and without bottle.
It is really not a "system complete" but more like different products by different manufacturers picked together into a kit. I got a plastic check valve, glass diffuser, soleniod magnetic valve and so on.
But I am very satisfied.
It is easy to understand even without instructions (which is not included).
And I got it working on a couple of minutes.
And an extra star for the affordable price.
alan writes: 16.03.2018
Nel complesso buon prodotto,rapporto qualita' prezzo ottimo.
Kalman writes: 23.01.2018
ok price, good system, good packaging, but broken glass from one of the gauges on delivery.
George writes: 19.01.2018
There is no cheaper Co2 test....The pressure regulator manometers seem plasticky and not vey accurate and the needle valve is not very accurate as well (the slightest turn get you from 1bps to 3bps and it is a bit hard to fine tune). But as i said for the money it is outstanding pice/quality ratio.
Markus writes: 12.01.2018
Good CO2 system, nice glass diffuser.
Calin writes: 09.01.2018
Best value for money and beyond. Can stand next to professional systems like Aqua Medic, Tunze or so. None of my friends believed that a complete CO2 system can be bought with this kind of money. If you order the 0.5 kg (as I did), order the stand separately.
Alessandro writes: 31.12.2017
O que comprei foi o "2000 com válvula magnética", o uso a 2 semanas e funciona perfeitamente, muito bom e achei super fácil de instalar.
Tomi writes: 20.09.2017
Very good system and good price. Good quality!!
Cecilio writes: 17.07.2017
It has been fifteen days since I made the order and still follows "Status: Not shipped yet!". I think the service they are offering is not good. I hope the system is not the same as the service they offer.
Angelo writes: 21.06.2017
Best kit available with good price.

The kit comprises all the essential components with very good quality!

Some more instructions for the inexperienced would be very good.
GEORGE writes: 17.06.2017
The best buy!Cheap and safe.....just perfect.
GEORGIOS writes: 26.01.2015
excellent shop,very quick delivery for greece(4 days) & all items like the description!!!
i will buy again & again!!!
Jaime writes: 15.01.2015
Produto no geral de qualidade apesar da valvula anti-retorno ter deixado passar alguma humidade. Aconselho vivamente pois qualidade/preço excellente.
Björn writes: 06.12.2014
Great Product, good value for money. Fast shipping to Sweden.
Telmo writes: 21.11.2014
very good quality and nice product. Fast delivery.
Jose writes: 31.07.2014
Es el mas economico del mercado, desde que lo puse y ajusté no lo he tenido que tocar mas, funciona perfecto, tamaño mas reducido que un extintor de co2 de 2kg.
Gediminas writes: 11.07.2014
Very fast delivery for reasonable price. Equipment was packed really nice.
Sergej writes: 06.06.2014
Very good price/guality product!
Yon writes: 13.03.2014
Esta sera mi proxima compra
Carl writes: 11.02.2014
Did wonders for plants. Might have wished for for more even bubbles. At the elow flows needed in my 400 liter aquarium a few spots had more and larger bubbles. As the flow increased the bubbles were spread more evenly. One bottle lasted almost a year
Matteo writes: 21.12.2013
Ottimo impianto di CO2. Il rapporto qualità prezzo è eccellente.
Peccato per le istruzioni di montaggio solo in lingua tedesca ed inglese e senza immagini.
Ma vista la semplicità dell'impianto con qualche ricerca è facile trovare la soluzione.
Miguel writes: 09.11.2013
Excelente relación calidad precio. En tan solo unos dias me llegó a casa. Muy fácil instalarlo y al rato todas mis plantas burbujeando. Lo recomiendo.
Nuno writes: 23.10.2013
muito bom, recomendo!
Francisco writes: 03.10.2013
Hasta el momento muy bien. Hace su trabajo y resulto el mas economico del mercado.
Daniel writes: 20.09.2013
Good hardware to a very good price. Need CO2 system, buy this one!
Aristotelis writes: 26.08.2013
Forgot to rate on my preview review
Aristotelis writes: 26.08.2013
This is an amazing price/quality product, highly recommended!
I've got the 500ml product (without solenoid valve)
The instructions are not the best possible but only because I was in doubt that it could be so simple to install as described.

Advice: Let it work a little bit and build pressure the first time, before starting to adjust the amount of CO2. After that it is rock stable

really GREAT product!
Bruno writes: 30.04.2013
I'm very happy with this product. Very easy to setup and working perfectly.
Stefanos writes: 07.04.2013
The best CO2 solution at the best market price. The complete package with the 2Kgr bottle and the magnetic valve is the best value for money. I appreciate that all parts are Made in Germany! not China.
On the down side the instructions are very brief without photographs for reference but if you read carefully you manage to assemble with no special knowledge.
Also it needs a little more protective packaging at least the regulator. One of the plastic covers of the manometers had popped out but I managed to snap it back in without problem.
Dragos writes: 03.03.2013
I've bought the 2KG Co2 system with the with the magnetic valve. Overall I'm satisfied with it. The pressure gauges seem plasticky, but they work fine. The magnetic valve is designed to work on the hose, in which case you need a special CO2 hose resistant up to 6 bars.
Alexander writes: 12.01.2013
2000 gr with night switch. No clear instructions. After downloading of instruction fro another producer(sera) mere or less become understandable. Use a black valve to adjust working pressure (green area - must be abt 1), with closed output valve (nedle-stainless steel valve). Best price for such products.
MARCOS writes: 08.01.2013
Very good product at best price!!
System works OK.
0 problems.
Very quick delivery.

It has been my first ship on the aquaristic online shop, but I'm sure not will be the last one ...
Joao Carlos writes: 26.09.2012
The best CO2 delivery system I haver had...simple, reliable, cheap!
The best option to keep a planted aquarium...
Cristian writes: 22.08.2012
Very good CO2 system for this price. Good packaging and no problems with the delivery.
JOSE writes: 14.07.2012
Todo perfecto, el equipo de co2 llego en perfecto estado y funciona correctamente, una gran compra a un precio increible, lo recomiendo!

Perfect, co2 equipment arrived in perfect condition and working properly, a great buy at a great price, I recommend it!
Robert writes: 18.12.2011
It does what it says - delivers a full package set ready to use CO2 set. In the text though it says that a reactor from Papillion is included but in fact it was an Aquili glass reactor (it sure looks better than the Papillion). The instructions are muddy so do your research on the net before installing.
luis writes: 18.12.2011
Very good system and good price.
Nuno Sousa Pereira writes: 24.11.2011
Good value for money. The regulator its not the best one but it does the job. The instructions are not very clear.
Miguel Ângelo writes: 23.11.2011
Great stuff, easy to assemble. Good price. I bought the bottle of 2kg with magnetic valve.
IONEL writes: 30.10.2011
The 500g kit is the best for my nano aquarium.
Very satisfied.
Arnaldo writes: 28.10.2011
Bought the 500gr complete system with the magnetic valve, and I am very happy, excellent quality, easy to install and the best part is the price, is the cheapest that I could find.