Fish net standard 8 cm

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8 cm

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Fish net standard,8 cm
SKU 300010
Fish net standard,10 cm
SKU 300011
Fish net standard,12 cm
SKU 300012
Fish net standard,15 cm
SKU 300013
Fish net standard,20 cm
SKU 300014
Fish net standard,25 cm
SKU 300015
Fishing net
Fishing net
Fishing net
Fishing net
Fishing net
Fishing net
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Caroline writes: 07.04.2018
An excellent mesh. Too bad about the large gauge
Paulius writes: 22.01.2018
Great item
Sara writes: 02.10.2017
The fishnets appearance was not like the picture at all.
The fishnet I got was blue and the handle was like a snare.
It is wholy encased in plastic and rubber that makes it good for use in salt water as well and ir seems to be of good quality although the net is a bit sloppy.
Paulius writes: 30.10.2015
Cheap and good!
Paulius writes: 30.10.2015
Cheap and good!
Fredrik writes: 22.12.2014
Nice quality and very nice handle making it easy to go fish ;-)!
Erika writes: 02.02.2013
Cheap and good quality. Comfortable to use.
Oscar writes: 28.01.2013
La sacadera tradicional,yo tengo una pequeña y una mediana!!
ATHANASIOS writes: 02.12.2012
value for money
Fredrik writes: 26.11.2012
Nice working fishnet for small amount of money. great for malawi.
Lars writes: 15.10.2012
I big fishnet the realy helps me catch my fishes
Paolo writes: 21.05.2012
It works well with most fishes.