Echinodorus Parviflorus 5 cm Pot

Item #: 800340

Due to the small claims the Echinodorus parviflorus is also suitable for newcomers. However, it is recommended because of its expansive growth for large aquariums.

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5 cm Pot
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It is a relatively undemanding plant develops pretty sheeted rosettes.

Echinodorus parviflorus reaches a height of 35cm. The stalked, up to 30cm long leaves are tinged with an elongated shape and an intense green, what with darker veins results in an interesting contrast in young leaves. Length and color of the leaves may be influenced by the illumination intensity.

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Echinodorus Parviflorus,5 cm Pot
SKU 800340
South America
30 - 50 cm
22 - 26 °C
Rhizom separation
Echinodorus parviflorus
Echinodorus peruensis
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Schwarze Amazonaspflanze
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Kleinblütige Amazonaspflanze
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Francesco writes: 16.05.2019
It arrived well packed. All ok
Francesco writes: 17.04.2013
Good quality, posted with a very good package quality, it arrives alive
Alexander writes: 05.03.2013
Arrived and growing well.Strong and beautiful.
Lars writes: 23.12.2011
Good quality, posted to Sweden with a very good package quality