Echinodorus Bleheri 5 cm Pot

Item #: 800280

Who want have a beautiful and decorative solitary plant for an aquarium for this sword plant is just the right. It grows relatively fast and with increasing growth always decorative.

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5 cm Pot
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The Echinodorus Bleheri grows in the aquarium quickly and fits to diverse living conditions. It thrives even in dimly-lit aquarium, as they themselves grow toward the light.

An undemanding and easy solitary plant for both the novice and experienced aquarists with a somewhat larger aquarium

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Echinodorus Bleheri,5 cm Pot
SKU 800280
Tropisches Südamerika
20 - 60 cm
22 - 26 °C
6,5 - 7,5
Rhizom separation
Echinodorus rangeri
Große Amazonas-Schwertpflanze
Breitblättrige Amazonas-Schwertpflanze
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Caroline writes: 03.04.2018
IT is not very big when buying it, but it grows quickly and soon becomes a big monster that ties to take over your tank. The only way for it not to take over you have to trim roots and leaves often, keeping it small.
I think this one grows over 50 cm if you let it.
Mine grows about a couple of cm over the surface and the tips dries.
I really like it and give it five stars for its manageability.
It is easily kept for anyone and it is a pretty filler plant in any layout.
Simo writes: 29.03.2018
Nice looking green plant that grows rather easily.
Tobias writes: 30.10.2013
great quality item, i just love it :) i strongly recommend this+++