Cryptocoryne Wendtii Geen 5 cm Pot

Item #: 221020

The green water goblet has an intense green color of the leaves. A very robust species that can be planted in large as well as small aquaria. Also well suitable for beginners.

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5 cm Pot
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The Cryptocoryne Wendtii Geen is hardly vulnerable and especially nice in the background. In large aquariums, it is a very decorative foreground plant. Beautiful and interesting contrasts arise when some distance big red specimen plants, shallow grasses and mosses are used.

For example, in Paludarium in very shallow water level growth above the water surface is also possible.

Growth height:
Temperature range:
Light requirement:
pH Level:
Hardness °dKH:
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Synonyms scientifically:
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Cryptocoryne Wendtii Geen,5 cm Pot
SKU 221020
Sri Lanka
5 - 10 cm
22 - 26 °C
5,0 - 8,0
1 - 18 °dKH
Rhizom separation
Cryptocoryne Wendtii
Grüner Wendtscher Wasserkelch
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Caroline writes: 07.04.2018
THe wendtii variety is the least sensitive crypto and would fit any tank without a lot of light, fert or co2.
Miguel writes: 23.09.2015
Planta muito bonita e de excelente qualidade. Resistiram muito bem aos 5 dias de viagem de entrega.
Jan writes: 03.08.2012
Just received my plants here in Sweden after only 3 days postal transport direct to my home-door! Very nice and healthy looking plants, bigger and more plants than I had expected! Recommended!
Paolo writes: 21.05.2012
Beautiful plant which can also be planted in the front. It needs to get used to your water and light so it can loose its leaves at first, but then it will grow again.
Lars writes: 23.12.2011
Good quality, posted to Sweden with a very good package quality