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Cladophora aegagrophila (Aegagropila linnaei)- moss ball

Item #: s-80024x

One of the most popular aquarium plants. The moss ball removes pollutants such as nitrite and nitrate from the water and supplies oxygen. Very well suited for shrimp tanks.

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The small shrimp graze the moss balls you up and gather around and between the moss balls.
Location: Foreground
Size: to 15 cm in diameter
Temp: 22 - 28 ° C
Light: Light - penumbra
pH: 6.5 to 8.0

Just once every 2 weeks wash out with lukewarm water
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Water type:
Moss Ball,1 pcs.
SKU 144300
Moss Ball,3 pcs. - Free 1x per customer
SKU 067070
Moss Ball,5 pcs.
SKU 363110
Moss Ball,10 pcs.
SKU 950008
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Paulius writes: 03.12.2019
Great gift
Jorge Miguel Martins de writes: 12.05.2018
Arrived very well and my Red Cherry Shrimps love it !
Sara writes: 18.04.2018
Very nice! My blue pearl shrimps like to take it easy on them and so does the snails. The quality is very good and they were nice, green and healthy on arrival (they still are). I am very pleased with the price, size, quality and shipment of them.

Gives a very beautiful look to any aquarium and I recommend them to anyone =3
I have to say that they are easy to place in an aquarium because of the roundness, they sink to the ground and stays there unless you make movements that makes the water circulate to hasty.

I really like this product and I'm very happy I bought some for my shrimp aquarium.
Caroline writes: 03.04.2018
This one is very hardy and survives almost everything.
It is not really a moss, but a green algae (which might explain the hardiness)
I believe it is very hard to place in the aquarium because of the round form.
It is very light and almost bounces from one end to the other if a fish happens to push against it.

I like it.
It is possible to propagate by cutting it. But the new babies are not as easy the get round.

When this one has grown a while (it grows very slowly) it is not as round as when buying it.
The roundness is dependant on the constant movement where it grows and is harvested.
Maria writes: 10.03.2018
Very hardy! They were frozen on arrival (I live in Sweden and it was -15 degrees on the date of delivery) but seems to have survived despite that. Bigger than I thought it would be, about 6-7 cm.
Samir writes: 08.02.2018
Marimo balls are very beautiful moss and if you have them in the tank where you have fry the fry you will see them eating on the marimo balls the micro organisms that lie in the marimo moss balls.
If there is not enough oxygen on the bottom of the tank the marimo balls float on the surface.
Johan writes: 22.01.2018
Safely packed. Seems to grow nicely.
Miguel writes: 21.09.2015
Bolas grandes e verdinhas. Os meus camarões nunca se fartam delas.
Kevin writes: 03.03.2015
Very good quality, very nice and big and best part they're dirt cheap. At my LFS price is around 5 euro's for just 1 (smaller) mossball.
Shrims are very happy with these
Erika writes: 29.03.2014
Recently got 2 balls and I got 1 long time ago in the winter. All of them arrived in perfect condition. Even though it is slow growing plant, it is growing really fast! Just love this plant! Shrimps love it as well!
Matteo writes: 20.01.2014
I ordered 3 balls. They arrived in very good conditions. 2 of them were floating at the beginning but after a couple of days sunk.
Very good. Remember to roll them sometimes to keep spherical shape.
Tobias writes: 30.10.2013
huge balls, much bigger then expected!
Erik writes: 15.10.2013
Nice moss ball.
Round, green and fluffy!
stefaan writes: 01.10.2013
Big balls, good quality
bertrand writes: 23.09.2013
très belle pièce d'environ 5-6 cm
penssez à bien la rincer avant de l'introduire dans votre aquarium
Torbjørn writes: 29.05.2013
my shrimp love this
Christos writes: 21.05.2013
my favorite moss
Daniel writes: 08.04.2013
Muy bonitas, pedí 10 y vinieron de tamaños variados pero en general bien. el viaje tardó 7 dias con bajas temperaturas pero se pusieron bonitas muy rápido
marko writes: 20.03.2013
after 7 days delivery, it was little tatty.
after week total recovered and looks fantastic
Elena writes: 20.02.2013
Arrived in 9 days. This is very tough plant, first looked very suffered and brown. Recovered at the moment and is doing fine.
Tuomas writes: 05.01.2013
The "balls" look really nice and bigger than I thought! Thank you!
Francesco writes: 29.12.2012
Very beautifull plants, i buyed 20 pieces for my aquariums, the shop shipped to me, from 3 cm to 5 cm diameter plants, i love cladophoras.
Taimo writes: 27.12.2012
very nice moss ball! Thank you!
Petri writes: 21.11.2012
Size of the ball was 3 - 4 centimeters.

Very nice and something different from other plants. Fun and easy to change location of the ball every now and then.
Sonia writes: 05.11.2012
very cute, cheap and resistant.
Muhammad writes: 11.10.2012
Really big and cool plant. Good for shrimp!
Ivo writes: 01.07.2012
Excellent, cheap and very resistant, survives almost everything.
Edgars writes: 17.05.2012
Came to me in perfect condition, both marimos were wet, well packed. I gently rinsed them in warm water for few seconds and placed in aquariums. My cherries almost immediately "attacked". Highly recommended, thanks!
Ludwig writes: 10.05.2012
Good shape and good quality. Perfect for shrimps.
Samuel writes: 11.10.2011
My shrimps love it. Nice dark green ball. Thx!