Alternanthera Lilacina

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The "classic" among the red aquarium plants was. In the 1960s under the trade name "Telanthera lilacina" on the market It later emerged that she belongs to the species Alternanthera reineckii.

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The in South America widespread Alternanthera lilacina - Lilablättriges Papageienblatt can grow as a land plant or under water. It blooms only as land plant.

Underwater are the plant leaves with bright red, wine-red to deep dark red top and intense purple-colored underside. The leaf edge is smooth and not wavy.

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Alternanthera Lilacina,Pot (
SKU 011060
Alternanthera Lilacina,Pot (Stoffels Holland)
SKU 800014
20 - 60 cm
17 - 28 °C
0 - 14 °dKH
Alternanthera lilacina
Telanthera lilacina
Alternanthera reineckii Burgunderrot
Alternanthera reineckii Lila
Alternanthera reineckii Purple

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Jorge Miguel Martins de writes: 12.05.2011
This is a very pretty plant.Mine arrived 5* love the way it look on the aquarium !
Caroline writes: 07.04.2011
If you dare to try it is a very striking plant.
I love mine, but it is very had to keep since it likes loads of kalcium or the leaves starts to crinkle up.
Does not like an anaerobic bottom and the roots will die off.