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Easy Life FFM Filter Medium

Item #: s-el-110x

Easy Life Fluid Filter Medium is the most versatile water treatment product on the market. It can be used to make water crystal clear.

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Easy-Life ffm :
  • is 100% natural & safe
  • does not contain any chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives
  • is very active in freshwater and marine aquariums, ponds and paludariums
  • solves many problems : often occurring ones and also rare problems
  • is a very versatile preventive product

  • brings about dozens of powerful effects
Examples of Easy-Life ffm activities in freshwater and marine systems : improves and stabilizes the water quality, accelerates the maturing of tanks, removes chemicals, medicine residue, chlorine, heavy metals, ammonium and many other contaminants, improves plant growth, young fry grow better, promotes coral growth, algae removal and prevention, destresses fish and lower animals, neutralizes harmful bacteria, promotes breeding and much more.

Easy-Life ffm prevents unnecessary suffering and dying of freshwater and marine animals during transport and quarantine, after a medical treatment, in case of injuries and bacterial infections, calamities like power failure and so on. The mortality rate of the water creatures has decreased tremendously by Easy-Life ffm.

All this with a completely natural product with which no chemicals, bacteria or other organic additives are brought into the water. Easy-Life fluid filter medium produces over 30 different effects, without showing any detrimental side-effects. Use the navigation on the right for all the information about this unique product. 

Easy Life in AQUARIUMS:

Easy-Life ffm can be used in any aquarium :

- (small) freshwater aquariums with for example goldfish, guppy's, Apistogramma's, cardinal tetra's, Discus, Angels, etc.
- planted aquariums
- Discus aquariums
- Malawi- und Tanganjika-Aquariums

Brighter colours and improved appetite

Fish become a lot healthier when Easy-Life is present. They will have an improved appetite and become more active. The fish will show their colours much better than before. The loss of appetite is often related to an intestine problem, which usually finds its root in stress. Easy-Life tackles these problems very effectively.

Easy fishkeeping

Sensitive fish like Apistogramma and Discus are clearly troubled by even the smallest amounts of chemicals. Easy-Life absorbs all those unwanted elements. The product improves the water quality immensely and stabilizes it. The completely natural Easy-Life solves all kinds of problems and prevents them as well. Without bringing any chemicals or foreign bacteria into your precious aquarium ! Easy-Life makes fishkeeping much easier.

Stress : main cause of fish diseases

Even the smallest traces of contaminants that often are present in the water (like heavy metals, ammonium, PCB's), can cause fish to get severe environmental stress. Stress is truly the number one cause of fish diseases. It lowers the resistance, which could easily result in fish illnesses. Easy-Life works in various ways to counteract and elimate stress. Easy-Life has a great capability to purify the water, whereby contaminants that cause stress in the first place are removed. Additionally a part of Easy-Life contains particles that exhibit a direct relaxing effect on all living beings in the water. Thus Easy-Life is a very efficient solution to all stress related problems. Think about the stress that fish must experience during relocation. Fish death is not uncommon during transport and quarantine.
Water : Air for Fish

Easy-Life removes toxic substances from the water. It will purify the water completely and make it crystal clear. An outstanding water quality is imperative to prevent fish diseases and to let all living beings thrive without any problems. Another effect of Easy-Life is that it continually adds small amounts of oxygen to the water, which is one of the key elements to keep the water quality high and stable during relocation. What clean, fresh air means to people, clean water is of the highest importance for all water inhabitants.

Growth enhancement of plants

Easy-Life fertilizes plants. It brings essential minerals and trace elements into the water. Furthermore, Easy-Life works in such a way that more nutrients, that already are present in the water column, become available to plants. An additional reason for a better growth of plants can be found in the fact that the product induces an enormous increase of microbiological activity in the tank. The plants will benefit from this, especially in the areas around their roots. Because of the higher microbiological activity in the bottom of the aquarium, the bottom material (e.g. sand or gravel) will not degenerate and become rotten anymore. In fact it will be rejuvenated.
Starting up a new fresh water aquarium

Easy-Life is ideal for setting up new aquarium systems. It removes all kinds of contaminants and, as said previously, accelerates the biological activity enormously in the aquarium. It's is recommended to use a single dosage from the start, but a double dosage will have a bigger and faster effect.


Nitrite is very toxic for fish and when a new aquarium is set up, the levels of nitrite tend to rise rapidly. The filter is not mature enough to breakdown this particular compound. By using Easy-Life, the presence of nitrite in the aquarium often can not be detected anymore. Apparently the biological activity is the water is big enough to remove nitrite. In other cases however nitrite will be present, but by the fast growth of bacteria due to Easy-life, the level of nitrite will drop rapidly after days. This way it shortens the maturing of the aquarium dramatically.

Chlorine and chloramine

Some areas have higher levels of chlorine / chloramine in their tap water. Easy-Life will need some time to absorb chlorine(compounds). At concentrations of more than 4 ppm Cl : wait about 8 hours to give the product the chance to absorb these particular contaminants.

Easy Life with KOI & POND;

Easy-Life fluid filter medium offers great benefits to the pond environment. The effects of Easy-Life on the fish and plants, the water quality and bio-activity, as described under activities, are also applicable to ponds. When reading this, bear in mind that Easy-Life is completely natural, produces dozens of activities and works beneficially on all sorts of fish and plants.

Stabil water quality & crystal clear water

Easy-Life makes the pond water extremely suitable for all pond plants and fish such as Koi. Easy-Life restores and stabilizes the biological balance in the pond. Furthermore, the product spectacularly improves the water quality and protects it agains suddens alterations and deterioration. Thus Easy-Life creates an excellent biological balance that will remain stable for a longer period of time. This way the fish and plants will thrive like never before.
Start the pond season with a boost !

Use Easy-Life at the beginning of every pond season. It makes the water crystal clear and it causes a great increase in bacterial activity. The 'green soup' disappears after a few days. When you do a (regular) water change, then apply Easy-Life for the amount of water that is added. Additionally, we recommend to use the product both at the beginning and at the end of the pond season. That way the pond will remain in good condition : excellent and stable water quality, great bacterial activity, prevention of many problems and thriving fish and plants.

When you add Easy-Life to the cold pond water at the start of the pond season, then you will quickly notice a very big difference. The fish come to the surface to look for food, even at lower temperatures. Additionally, the fish colours become much brighter. The fast bacterial growth, the removal of contami-nants and also the preventive capabilities of the product, are all reasons why everything will thrive excellently. You don't need any chemical or biological products anymore to achieve that. The 100% natural and powerful Easy-Life will suffice.

One of the key features is that it enhances and stabilizes the water quality in micro-water systems like aquariums and ponds. Easy-Life has proven again and again that that is possible in a completely natural way, without needing any chemicals or bacteria.

Important remark

Easy-Life improves and stabilizes the water quality very effectively. Using this product, the frequency of water changes can drop dramatically. Some aquarists haven't done any water changes or filter maintenance for longer periods of time, without any problems. However we really recommend you to perform a regular water change every month and regularly take care of your filter system.

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Marin writes: 06.03.2019
Excellent product for water treatment.
Georgios writes: 01.03.2019
Really good and safe product
mieke writes: 13.06.2018
good product
Mika writes: 19.04.2018
Good product!
Works as promised each.
Simo writes: 03.04.2018
Good but quite expensive product.
Leonid writes: 15.03.2018
very good product
Peeter writes: 19.01.2018
very good,rises kh little bit
Daniel writes: 09.12.2017

I am interested in shrimp from Sulawesi. Then I started to treat my water with this solution, my shrimp multiplied many times! Surely not only the product but I use it with every water change and it seems to do its job. I can recommend this product.

antonio writes: 10.08.2017
To a clean and steady enviroment.
tibor writes: 12.07.2017
That product is really making your life easy
Azienda Agricola writes: 23.06.2017
Natural and very good
Anders writes: 20.06.2017
Works ok. Have not noticed that much difference to other tapwater conditioners. I have not seen that the fish will breed more often, fry grows faster etc, but it works ok.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 30.10.2015
Nice product. Good price.
Hi-Young writes: 17.04.2015
Jorgen writes: 27.10.2014
Perfekt to use once and a while, makes the water realy clear next morning
rob writes: 20.10.2014
excellent stuff
Hi-Young writes: 22.07.2014
Very good product
Anna writes: 18.06.2014
Very good product! I use always when changing water.
Anton writes: 19.05.2014
Nice product
Amir writes: 16.04.2014
The best water conditioner in the market.
Patrik writes: 02.04.2014
Great value for money buying this great product from here!
Henrik writes: 16.12.2013
Clears out the water in some hours. The fish seems healthy swell, dunno if that is due to this product or not. Only four stars cuz there's no declaration of what it contains.
JOAQUIM MANUEL writes: 23.10.2013
It's a great product for fresh water aquariums, I'm very pleased to use it
Johanna writes: 08.05.2013
First water gets milky but soon water is very clear. Good stuff, low price.
Kirsi-Marja writes: 01.04.2013
Really crystal clear water, good stuff.
Kazantzas writes: 27.03.2013
Great water addictive..Use it often with water changes!
Johan writes: 23.01.2013
I use this with almost every waterchange i do..
A bit "milky" water at first, but crystal clear within a few hours !
Great price also !! =)
ANDRE' writes: 30.11.2012
I use it in my Malawi tank and it works very good! A great bio conditioner. Sure i will buy again!
Fredrik writes: 26.11.2012
Very nice price! !
ATHANASIOS writes: 09.10.2012
what a product.....with many uses. the best
chaiwat writes: 08.10.2012
good product for your tank
Tia writes: 28.08.2012
We usually buy Easy-Life once a year in 5l container.
It lasts well for our 700l, 200l and 50l Malawi tanks.

Very good value for money, even when you add the international postal fees to northern Europe.
Mike writes: 24.04.2012
Very nice product. with different kinds of functions
Artur writes: 29.11.2011
Cleared water in my fishtank, and help a little bit to grow my plants, i think makes my fishtank more stable. very good product and very economical!