Aquili Substrate Fertilizer Plant substrate 2 L

Item #: aq-FER025

Komplettdünger mit allen Mineralien und grundlegenden Substanzen für einen üppigen Pflanzenwuchs in Ihrem Aquarium.

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Aquili Substrate Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer that provides all the essential minerals and substances required for a luxuriant growth of aquarium plants. The formula includes the vital micro-nutrients and chelated iron, essential for the chlorophyll synthesis, it is also enriched with iodine and B vitamins, essential for plant and animal life. Substrate Fertilizer is easily absorbed by roots and it is rich in binding substances which remove nitrates and phosphates, thus limiting the growth of algae and creating a reserve of nutrients always available for plants.

Its balanced composition ensures that the substrate is not compact, so, it remains soft and porous and provides, for a considerable period, a complete fertilization that makes plants lush and beautiful.

Substrate Fertilizer 2 liter pack is the right quantity for aquariums from 50 to 60 litres.

Package size 2 l
Product type Fertile soil
Water type Freshwater
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