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Hobby Ektozon

Item #: s-034000

Heilmittel für Zierfische. Zur Verhütung und Behandlung von Pilzkrankheiten Saprolegnia, Achlya an Süß- und Seewasserfischen.

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For treatment in case of infestation of ciliata 'Chilodonella', for retainig agents of protozoal origin causing opaqueness of the skin. Mild separation of oxygen. Activation of plants growth. In combination with CILEX extremely high effectiveness for the treatment of Cyclochaeta, Costia, and eye-mycoses. Promotes, accelerates and simplifies the exuviation of reptiles.

Ingredients: 100g contain 580 mg sodium perboricum, 97 mg potassium chloricum, 58 mg magnesium peroxide, sodium chloride ad 100.

Areas of application: Freshwater and sea water fish affected by Saprolegnia and Achlya, ciliate infestation (Chilodonella), protozoan skin cloudiness, ophthalmomycosis, injuries, dyspnoea. In most cases, fish that are visibly infested by parasites and/or funghi can be saved by a timely application of EKTOZON®. Always pour EKTOZON® dissolved in some water into the aquarium some distance away from the animals. The disinfection can be repeated with a newly prepared EKTOZON® solution (old water) at intervals of 24 hours.

Contra-indications: Not known.

Precautions: Always store EKTOZON® in its box in a dry, cool place.

Do not use for animals used as food. Keep medicine in a safe place! Do not use after the best before date (see box). Keep out of the reach of children!

Dosage in freshwater:

a) as a prophylactic: Dissolve 1 slightly heaped teaspoon (5-6 g) for 50 litres of aquarium water (twice as much for sea water) in some water and distribute evenly in the aquarium to destroy parasites in the developmental stage and prevent the formation of funghi such as mycosis and many fish diseases in the aquarium. The risk of infecting healthy fish by affected fish is greatly reduced.

b) as a full bath: In case of visible infestation with Saprolegnia, Achlya, Chilodonella and in case of injuries.

Dissolve one heaped teaspoon of EKTOZON® (5-6g) in a full bath aquarium with 3-4 litres of pleasantly warm old water. Bathe the affected fish for 3 hrs. in a darkened place, providing slight aearation. The full bath should be repeated the next day. A full bath for 3-5 days results in a clear reduction of protozoan skin cloudiness.

c) as a quarantine bath: Newly acquired fish and fish weaked by transport are not only susceptible themselves but are often also a dangerous source of infection for the entire aquarium. Therefore, always disinfect each fish for 1⁄2 hour and each new plant for 2 hours in a freshly prepared EKTOZON® full bath.

d) as a massive dose therapy: (Only for large, strong fish.) Take extremely heavily infested fish out of the aquarium and leave in the net. Slightly dab affected areas with EKTOZON® and then place fish in an EKTOZON full bath.

Dosage in sea water:

a) as a prophylactic: for new fish and as a weekly addition to maintain the health of all sea water animals, dissolve 1 teaspoon of EKTOZON® in 30 litres of water.

b) in case of injuries: for Actinia, starfish, crustaceans, and sea urchins, dissolve 1 teaspoon of EKTOZON® in 60 litres of water.

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Hobby Ektozon,125 g
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External parasites
Fungal infections
External parasites
Fungal infections
External parasites
Fungal infections
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Markus writes: 22.01.2018
Good salt to treat sick fish with, or in a smaller dose keeping them healthy.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 01.02.2015
Good medicine, very cheap.
chaiwat writes: 10.10.2012
good for use
Alvaro writes: 16.05.2012
It will alternate with ectopur