Aqua Medic EVO-Series Skimmer 24 V EVO 500

Item #: am-410.005

Motorbetriebener regelbarer Innenabschäumer. Durch den mitgelieferten Controller lässt sich die Pumpenleistung und damit die Schaumproduktion stufenlos einstellen.

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EVO 500

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Aqua Medic EVO 500 two holding systems for individual fixing, adjustable in height. Making it suitable for many different styles of aquarium.

The power-saving and effi cient pump DC Runner 1.2 serves as a venturi pump (incl. DC motor) with power consumption of max. 7 watt. Polished ceramic bearings and shafts for brilliant silent performance and a maintenance-free steady use. The pump power and foam production can be continuously adjusted by the included controller. Thus, the skimmer can be adapted perfectly to the water level and individual needs.

The new 3D needle wheel will provide a large amount of air and optimum bubble structure.

The included Silencer ensures an almost soundless operation.

A high skimming capacity is achieved by the special water flow with a patented conical foam cup. Incl. controller.

Immersion depth: app. 23 cm.

Min. Aquarium volume marine:
Max. Aquarium volume marine:
Pump type:
Flow Rate in l/h:
Lenght in cm:
Width (from left to right) in cm:
Height (bottom to top) in cm:
Product type:
Aqua Medic EVO-Series Skimmer 24 V,EVO 500
SKU am-410.005
Aqua Medic EVO-Series Skimmer 24 V,EVO 1000
SKU am-410.010
Aqua Medic EVO-Series Skimmer 24 V,EVO 3000
SKU am-410.030
500 l
250 l
500 l
1.500 l
DC Runner 1.2
DC Runner 1.2
DC Runner 3.0
1200 l/h
1200 l/h
3000 l/h
14 cm
25 cm
35 cm
8 cm
11 cm
17 cm
36,5 cm
46 cm
56 cm
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Pedro writes: 29.06.2015
Just got this last weekend and in just two days it already pulled out some brownish water, but i'm still adjusting the power to my needs.

- external controller of the pump
- quite small, fits easilly in a nano
- works great, started throwing out brown water in the second day
- silent, but it could be a little bit more

- No mounting instructions