Payment options

The following payment options we offer you in our shop:

Prepayment ( Remittance in advance)
You transfer the money by bank wire to our account.The shipping of the goods take place after receiving the money on our account. The money transfer time is 2-3 working days usually.


COD ( Cash on delivery)
When you pay by COD you pay the invoice amount direcly in cash to the courier who brings you the parcel.
The COD fee is 7,98 € for foreign countries.


Credit Card
You like to pay safe by credit card? No problem, your card data are safe with us. The card date are submited at a 128Bit SSL secure server. At the checkout we make a reservation on your credit card. We debit the amount first the the moment we ship out the goods. When you cancel in the meantiem maybe a position, we debit only the real invoiced amount.


Sure - we also have Paypal as payment option. Paypal itselves has different options to move money to yor Payal account. More Informations see at
When you pay manually by paypal, our paypal account is


For government agencies and universities, we also offer payment on account.
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