Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate

Item #: s-040160

Glasflasche mit Pipette. Verwendbar für alle Arten von Korallen. Wirkung: – bis zu 100% schnelleres Wachstum bei vielen SPS, auch bei heiklen Arten.

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  • Large polyp corals will grow as well.
  •  Injured corals recover faster.
  • Tridacnas show more defined colors clearly.
  • Gonipora and Alveopora can be kept easy.
  • Improved coloration of all corals.
  • Fiji and Tonga Montiporen grow faster and maintain their different colors.
  • SPS corals produce more slime and therefore have improved protection from predators.
  • No darkening of coral tissue while dosing.
  • Extreme polyp expansion in all types of corals.

Dosing 1 Drop per 100L/25 gallons /day

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Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate,10 ml
SKU 040159
Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate,50 ml
SKU 040160
Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate,100 ml
SKU 040161
Korallen-Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate,250 ml
SKU 040162
Water additive
Water additive
Water additive
Water additive
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ricardo writes: 24.12.2017
very good suplement .. good , and visible results after a few weeks ..
Massimo writes: 25.08.2017
Ottimo prodotto, inoltre è stato fornito con data scadenza molto lontana, permette un più sicuro e completo utilizzo.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 01.02.2015
Wonderful product for the most difficult corals: The stony corals and tridacnas
Pedro writes: 02.12.2013
Pedro writes: 02.12.2013
very good!!
chaiwat writes: 06.07.2012
It is easy to use and better Product for your aquarium