Seachem Purigen 1000 ml

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PURIGEN™ ist ein hervorragendes synthetisches Adsorptionsmittel, das mit keinem anderen Filtrationsprodukt vergleichbar ist.Ein 100-ml-Beutel reinigt und klärt maximal 400 Liter Wasser über einen Zeitraum bis zu sechs Monaten.

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1000 ml
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60,18 EUR/l

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Seachem Purigen,100 ml
SKU 075040
Seachem Purigen,250 ml
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Seachem Purigen,1000 ml
SKU 075042
Nitrate remover
Nitrate remover
Nitrate remover
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Michel writes: 23.08.2018
Resina de polímeros para alta filtración recomendada para combatir nitratos, se usa en la bolsa especial de seachem the regenera tras un día sumergida en agua con lejía y, tras ser enjuagada con agua y un par de horas sumergida en agua dulce con un anticloro tradicional, se reutiliza una y otra vez, a mi me va bien en marino.
Michel writes: 23.08.2018
Elimina fosfatos rápidamente hasta que se satura, que debe ser reemplazado, aunque si los fosfatos son muy altos, es mejor recurrir a un sistema más continuo tipo zeovit, con cambios de agua regulares de ósmosis con resinas al final...limpieza masiva en el acuario y cepillado de las rocas en el agua salada desechada en los cambios de agua, sino se matarían las bacterias nitrificantes en agua dulce...los cepillos para uñas funcionan muy bien para las rocas...
antonio writes: 22.03.2018
hello my aquariums are very fond of having Seachem Purigen Sumpsi in the water because it makes very good for fish to live it
Petra writes: 07.03.2018
Without doubt this is the best filter media. Keeps my aquariums crystal clear. It does exactly what it claims to do. 10 out of 10
R. writes: 04.02.2018
This is the top product regarding chemical filtration. There's nothing comparable! Don't use it, though, on black water setups.
Amir writes: 06.09.2015
Good product. Does what is says, i.e. lowers the concentration of nitrogen compounds. Definitely worth the money.
Anton writes: 09.07.2014
Vitaliy writes: 13.05.2014
Good product.
Vitaliy writes: 09.01.2014
Good product.
Nicolas writes: 13.12.2013
Dzmitry Valentinovich writes: 22.10.2013
Good product. I recommend.
stefaan writes: 01.10.2013
Helder writes: 12.08.2013
Great product
Manuel writes: 30.05.2013
Great resin for clarying your aquarium water. It really makes the water shine, after 24h it looks like the fishes are suspended. It also helps with keeping nitrates under control. It's not cheap but can be easily regenerated, you just need to keep two bags for exchanging them during each filter cleaning.
Alexander writes: 10.05.2013
Cristal clear water? Purigen is the name
best when used with "the bag".
you can regenerate and use it again... but not forever ;)
Works great
Victor writes: 08.04.2013
The best purifier on the market!
Anders writes: 10.02.2013
This product works very well. It keeps the water crystal clear.
Oscar writes: 25.01.2013
Una bolsa de 100ml en un acuario de 100litros y adios a los NO3 durante una temporada!!
ATHANASIOS writes: 03.10.2012
the best chemical filter media in the world!.............size doesnt matter!
Philippe writes: 12.08.2012
Every serious aquarium keeper have to try this product
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 04.08.2012
Purigen is especial filter media vey efficient. For any kind of aquarium. I recommend.
Morten writes: 12.07.2012
Before using Purigen I never really got to the point where my tanks looked like something really special though I worked hard to get there. The final touch was missing. Purigen became that final touch. Thanks Seachem and thanks for good service and delivery
chaiwat writes: 06.07.2012
Good for my filter
DANIEL writes: 16.04.2012
It appears to work as advertised, but better used in conjunction with a well sized filtering system.