Salifert Coral Food 1000 ml

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When dosed according to the instructions corals will have sufficient food to thrive without polluting the water. The organic load caused by this supplement is comparable to what is found in pristine seawater. This food is also ideal for sponges, tunicates, feather duster worms and many other organisms.Coral Food tries to replicate replicate most of the food found in nature where the corals thrive.

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Salifert Coral Food,1000 ml
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Dmitry writes: 05.02.2018
very good food for coral
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 11.09.2014
Very good for the heath of corals.
Anton writes: 09.07.2014
The corals like it.
Helena writes: 22.01.2014
My corals seems to like it.
Dzmitry Valentinovich writes: 19.02.2013
very good food for coral
Sergey writes: 23.07.2012
very good forage for corals, especially for color gorgonariya also doesn't render strong influence on nitrates and phosphates
antonio writes: 18.11.2011
Very important to feed the coral.