Discus & Cichlid Bits red 2,7 kg - 5,5 l bucket

Item #: 122053
2.5 kg | 7,99 EUR/kg

Diskus-Bits sind ein leicht verdauliches Granulatfutter, reich an Proteinen für alle Diskusfische und anderen fleischfressende Cichliden.

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2,7 kg - 5,5 l bucket
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This food contains all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains shares of Cyclops, cancers and Shrimps etc. These form an important component for "fish-just" nutrition. Discus & Cichlid bits guarantees a high acceptance with his/its full taste also with choosy types.

Vitamines per kg:

  • Vitamin A: 30.000 i.e.
  • Vitamin D3: 1.900 i.e.
  • Vitamin E: 100 mg,
  • Astaxantin

Analysis aquaristic.tec Discus & Cichlid Bits red: 

  • Crude protein: 45,0 % 
  • Crude fat: 5,5 %
  • Crude fiber: 5,0 %
  • Crude ash: 10,0 %,
  • tinged with EG-additives
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Water type: Discus & Cichlid Bits red,400 g - 1000 ml bag
SKU 011184 Discus & Cichlid Bits red,500 g - 1000 ml can
SKU 011181 Discus & Cichlid Bits red,2,7 kg - 5,5 l bucket
SKU 122053 Discus & Cichlid Bits red,10 kg - 20 L sack
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Staple food
Staple food
Staple food
Staple food
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Paulius writes: 16.05.2019
Fishes love it
Tommy writes: 09.01.2019
Very good to nice price
Paulius writes: 07.11.2018
Cheap and good
Paulius writes: 07.11.2018
Cheap and good
jose luis writes: 05.10.2018
calidad - precio incomparables.
antonio writes: 03.02.2018
Easily digestible.
Paulo writes: 03.10.2017
rich in vitamins. Fishes love it.
Paulius writes: 09.01.2016
Nice food
mattias writes: 06.05.2013
great food for my scalare
José Pedro writes: 12.02.2013
My Central American Cichlids love it.
Fabio writes: 04.12.2012
molto buono per discus