Tetra EasyBalance

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Stabilises important water values for up to six months, extending the time until the next water change. Contains additional vitamins and minerals to keep fish vibrant and healthy.

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  • Tetra EasyBalance Stabilises important carbonate hardness (KH) and pH water values
  • Simplifies aquarium maintenance: no need for monthly partial water changes with a moderate fish stock
  • Extends the period between (partial) water changes
  • Sustainably reduces phosphate and nitrate
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals for healthy fish and plants
  • Minimises tap water consumption
  • Suitable for all freshwater aquariums Ideal for simplifying the maintenance of soft water aquariums, such as those containing discus fish
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Tetra EasyBalance,100 ml
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Tetra EasyBalance,250 ml
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Tetra EasyBalance,500 ml
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100 ml
250 ml
500 ml
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Markus writes: 22.01.2018
A good product when you want longer periods between changing water.
Torbjørn writes: 07.08.2017
This is a very goood product,i started to use it,and the water quality stay goood fore a long time,so this products do the job...can recommend this product
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 14.05.2015
Very useful product, reduces the change of water and decrease the levels of nitrate.
Nicola writes: 09.12.2014
Prodotto, servizio e spedizione eccellenti! Molto soddisfatto!
Duarte writes: 13.06.2014
muito bom
Nicola writes: 08.11.2013
Prodotto, servizio e spedizione eccellenti! Molto soddisfatto!
Nicola writes: 07.02.2013
Riduce realmente nitrati e fosfati... Consigliato
Alexander writes: 12.01.2013
Made in German(even no Polish or latvian lenguage on etiquete). Smell and looks like original, color blue/transparent with white "flakes"(Poland more liquid), also different from USA (in USA blue/transparent)