Tetra ToruMin 250 ml

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Tetra ToruMin instantly creates water that is identical to naturally occurring tropical water (known as black water), just like the water that fish encounter in their natural habitat.

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250 ml

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Tetra ToruMin is identical to naturally occurring tropical water (known as black water).

Properties of TetraAqua Toru Min:

  • consists of natural peat extracts
  • bioactive substances enhance the fishs natural colouring and promote species-typical behaviour
  • facilitates the breeding and care of sensitive and valuable ornamental fish species from typical tropical waters (black water)
  • inhibits the growth of algae when used regularly. The water turns a brownish crystal clear colour, reducing the penetration of light
  • improves plant growth due to selected macro-elements and trace elements
  • contains tannins, humic acids and growth regulators
  • naturally stabilises the water´s ph value
  • guaranteed phosphate-free!
  • ideal for use with all freshwater fish such as discus fish, angelfish, catfish, neon fish or South American cichlids, as well as shrimps and crustaceans    
Dosage Tetra ToruMin: 25 ml for 100 ml aquarium water
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Tetra ToruMin,250 ml
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Caroline writes: 07.04.2018
Makes the water yellowish-brown and does not lower kH or pH especially much.
Maarit writes: 01.09.2017
I love this product, I use it in all my aquariums, fish and shrimp.
Bertrand writes: 16.02.2013
Tetra Aqua Torumin is a safe product, and I am happy because it is so easy to use.
Emilia writes: 09.11.2011
This product is pH neutral, so doesn't do it's job. Nice brown color for few minutes but if you want to use it in diskus aquarium don't wish to lower you pH. Rather buy competitors product.