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EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater

Item #: s-eh-361101x

Den EHEIM thermocontrol Regelheizer (ehem. Jäger Regelheizer) hängt man einfach ins Wasser. Der hochmoderne Thermo-Stab ist auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik, die Temperatur läßt sich exakt einstellen und bleibt konstant erhalten, hochwertig und sicher.

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With the EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater you give your fishes just the right temperature. This is the latest model - created from the popular Jäger thermostat heater. A jacket made from special laboratory glass increases the heating surface, serves as a heat shield and ensures optimum even heat emission.

No matter if you want to heat a 20 or 1000 litre aquarium you can select below 9 sizes.

The EHEIM thermocontrol heater offers the following advantages:

  • Exact temperature setting 18 to 34 ° C
  • The simple and reliable re-adjustment (± 2 ° C) control accuracy ± 0.5 ° C
  • A warning light, the heating function is indicated
  • The unit is fully waterproof and therefore fully immersible
  • With dry-run protection (Thermal Safety Control)
  • A glass jacket increases the heating surface and ensures optimum even heat emission
  • Comfortable cable length, 170 cm
  • The EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater is delivered including double suction cup holder
Min. Aquarium volume freshwater:
Min. Aquarium volume marine:
Max. Aquarium volume freshwater:
Max. Aquarium volume marine:
Heating power in W:
Lenght in cm:
Product type:
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 25 W [3611010],25 W [3611010]
SKU eh-3611010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 50 W [3612010],50 W [3612010]
SKU eh-3612010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 75 W [3613010],75 W [3613010]
SKU eh-3613010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 100 W [3614010],100 W [3614010]
SKU eh-3614010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 125 W [3615010],125 W [3615010]
SKU eh-3615010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 150 W [3616010],150 W [3616010]
SKU eh-3616010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 200 W [3617010],200 W [3617010]
SKU eh-3617010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 250 W [3618010],250 W [3618010]
SKU eh-3618010
EHEIM thermocontrol precision heater 300 W [3619010],300 W [3619010]
SKU eh-3619010
20 l
25 l
60 l
100 l
150 l
200 l
300 l
400 l
600 l
20 l
25 l
60 l
100 l
150 l
200 l
300 l
400 l
600 l
25 l
60 l
100 l
150 l
200 l
300 l
400 l
600 l
1.000 l
25 l
60 l
100 l
150 l
200 l
300 l
400 l
600 l
1.000 l
25 W
50 W
75 W
100 W
125 W
150 W
200 W
250 W
300 W
24,3 cm
24,3 cm
27 cm
31,9 cm
31,9 cm
31,9 cm
40,6 cm
45,2 cm
506 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
36 mm
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Rui writes: 09.02.2020
Great product.
Paulius writes: 03.12.2019
Best heater
Tommy writes: 09.01.2019
The best heaters on the market.
Vladislavs writes: 09.01.2019
Очень доволен покупкой.
Vladislavs writes: 09.01.2019
Очень доволен, дешевле не найти.
Tommy writes: 12.12.2018
Best heaters on the market
Paulius writes: 07.11.2018
Perfect heater
Ethan writes: 01.06.2018
Very reliable 50w I have in my nano!
Alexander writes: 24.05.2018
The best heater . Can be calibrated with accurate thermometer
Tomi writes: 24.03.2018
This is The aquarium heater. Most reliable and accurate heater i ever had.
Dejan writes: 22.03.2018
125 Watt version - Built as a tank, absolutely secure and safe even as submerged, in a way I use it, on the bottom of my breeding tanks! Works fine for years.
Really, the best heather ever!
antonio writes: 22.03.2018
hello my aquariums are using Eheim Jaeger heater

not change it for any other brand
Giancarlo writes: 09.03.2018
Great, efficient, accurate ..... I recommend it to all of you
Patric writes: 07.03.2018
Simply the best!!!
Here's a tip - Don't be afraid to oversize the jäger heater for your tank by one or two steps.
This results in less powerconsumtion and better temperature curve.
Very easy to calibrate.
Petra writes: 05.03.2018
The Best.
Roberts writes: 09.02.2018
50W version - tho I have seen smaller heaters with same rated power, this one implements adjustable thermostat and performs really nicely. Eheim is a brand of good quality.
R. writes: 04.02.2018
The only heaters I really trust so far, regarding all the ones I tested during my 20 years in the hobby.
George writes: 19.01.2018
Very good heater, easily adjustable, a bit fussy to calibrate. General info: always buy a bit larger heater than you really need (ex. 150W for 100lt.)
Markus writes: 12.01.2018
My 100 W version have been working for several year. Good quality.
Daniel writes: 09.12.2017

I've had a few heaters that have been damaged, sometimes with unfortunate results.
This product hat'r always worked and is working for me. Recommend it to anyone who wants a reliable product.

Diogo writes: 12.11.2017
A very precise heater! You can calibrate this heater to really be accurate! A must buy to control the temperature of your aquarium, especially if you have sensitive fishes.
Caroline writes: 15.08.2017
I really love all jaeger/eheim products. This one as well.
A plus for the great reliability and seemly endless life.
Angelo writes: 21.06.2017
Excellent heater.

Good initial calibration and accurate function!
Paulius writes: 07.12.2015
A bit long, but works perfect
Paulius writes: 07.12.2015
A bit long, but works perfect
Oleg writes: 02.12.2015
awesome quality,safe.
Miguel writes: 18.09.2015
Os melhores termostatos do mercado.
Oleg writes: 01.09.2015
Good quality,low power consumption
Paulius writes: 03.01.2015
Works great
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 01.01.2015
Great product, high quality of Eheim
Paulius writes: 24.12.2014
Works without any problems
Miguel writes: 17.12.2014
Very safe and precise.
Paulius writes: 11.12.2014
Highly recommended
Paulius writes: 22.11.2014
Best heater
Davy writes: 14.07.2014
super heater,
I use it for my juwel vision 260
Let it work for 2 -3 days (far example at 25°), read the temp. on a thermometer, then adjust red dial to measured temp.
Doron writes: 22.04.2014
Works great, can hold large aquariums (700L) all by itself.
Amir writes: 16.04.2014
This is one of the best heaters I have had.
Daniel writes: 02.04.2014
Muy buen calentador
Joacim writes: 28.03.2014
Perfect exactly what I needed
Konstantin writes: 14.03.2014
Great heater! Highly recommended.
Victor writes: 27.02.2014
Work good, very fast reaction for temperature changing.
Nicolas writes: 13.12.2013
Tobias writes: 30.10.2013
great product, highly recomend this!
Ville writes: 22.10.2013
Very accurate and working well so far.
I used other thermometer to calibrate it and followed it few days.
Kamal writes: 01.10.2013
Kamal writes: 01.10.2013
Kamal writes: 01.10.2013
Pawel writes: 23.05.2013
needs to be calibrated using the red dail, after that it´s very accurate.
Askhat writes: 29.04.2013
Thank you very much. Works great!
Jacek writes: 06.04.2013
I heard somewhere that this heater is like "Mercedes" in a heaters family. I have to absolutely agree with this as i never had better heater. Once set up it keeps 25 degrees regardless to the temperature in the room.
jari writes: 23.03.2013
good choice if you need accurate heater. calibration is absolutely must.
Thomas writes: 20.03.2013
The best heater . Can be calibrated with accurate thermometer
Nuno writes: 07.02.2013
I have one of these. extremely accurate, with a good visual appearance. excellent price
Andreas writes: 17.01.2013
The best brand ive tested so far (25 years of aquakeeping). Ive had 20-ish eheim/jaeger heaters and only one problem, one heater locked itself in superheat mode. Luckily I detected this before the fish fried.
Wilhelm writes: 17.12.2012
My first one was broken when I got it. Caused all my plants to die (37*C the morning after) It never shut off even of how I put the temp. controller.
But After Emailing aquaristic they did send a new one for free.
Except that the new one works great.
Two Negatives: Very long! my 240L is 50cm high and I still need to have it like: / . (300w version).
You will probably need to calibrate it +-a few degrees but it's easily done.
Sonia writes: 06.11.2012
very precise, good looking. i recomend it.
Lars writes: 15.10.2012
It a top heater that has a nice design. The only bad thing is that its realy long witch could be a problem for smaler aquariums.
ATHANASIOS writes: 14.10.2012
best heater goes up to 35c
Winson writes: 04.10.2012
Good product, very precise and nice look design!!
Joao Carlos writes: 26.09.2012
Never failed...even if covered with Coraline (the top part)!
The temperature in the top does not correspond to the actual temperature it will heat the water have to adjust it! Has they recommend!
Rui writes: 25.08.2012
Great heater. Very precise and robust. Recommend
chaiwat writes: 06.07.2012
Best Product
Ivo writes: 06.07.2012
Best heater!
Petri writes: 23.05.2012
Works as advertised. I have had 50W version on my 60l tank for over a year now. Keeps temperature accurately and it was easy to calirate.
Steve writes: 19.04.2012
Fantastic heaters. Set at 30 degrees and tank remains at 30 degrees. All heaters should be this good, but many are not.
Urmas writes: 20.12.2011
EHEIM heater - the best in the world! High quality. A+++
luis writes: 18.12.2011
recomendo! termostato do melhor em relacao qualidade/preço