TUNZE Care Magnet glass pane cleaner long [0220.015)

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Besteht aus einem ergonomischen Handgriff und speziellen Kunststoffklingen aus verschleißarmem Hochleitstungskunststoff. Es entstehen keine Kratzer auf den inneren Glas-Aquarienscheiben, mit der kleinen Kunststoffklinge auch an Acrylscheiben verwendbar.

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long [0220.015)

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The inner magnet is more than 3 mm away from the aquarium and thus prevents the jamming of the aquarium sand. The two plastic blades remove the algae considerably better from the glass panes than a flat cleaning surface - almost as good as a sharp metal blade.

The life of a blade is from several months up to approx. one year.

The low flow resistance during the cleaning with a simultaneous high magnetic coupling, makes a separation of the magnet nearly impossible. The large blade should only be modified with the stainless steel blade for aquarium glass panes with particularly tough algae, e.g. older deposits on the side walls or thick calcareous algae.

Properties of TUNZE Care Magnet:

  • Algae possible to perform a large-scale algae removal
  • Thanks to its slim design, the plants and the corals will not be disturbed
  • The small plastic blades are also suitable for acrylic glass panes. The Care Magnet can also be used on round aquarium panes or round-arched panes
  • Plastic blades with round edges enable a smooth transition to the next pane at the aquarium edges without damaging the silicone joints
  • It doesn't distribute the algae within the aquarium as a green dust; it rather roles them up completely, and through this turns the algae film into actual food for the fish
  • It can also be used as a hand scraper
Lenght in cm:
Width (from left to right) in cm:
Glas thickness in mm:
Product type:
TUNZE Care Magnet glass pane cleaner,nano [0220.010]
SKU tu-0220.010
TUNZE Care Magnet glass pane cleaner,long [0220.015)
SKU tu-0220.015
TUNZE Care Magnet glass pane cleaner,strong [0220.020]
SKU tu-0220.020
7,8 cm
14 cm
14 cm
4,5 cm
8,6 cm
8,6 cm
6 mm up to max. 10 mm
10 mm up to 15 mm
15 mm up to 20 mm
1x replacement plastic blade
2x spare plastic blades
1x stainless steel blade
2x spare plastic blades
1x stainless steel blade
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Sergejs writes: 01.09.2015
Great. I have 13mm glass. It's working
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 29.05.2015
Great product, keep the glass clean, great quality.