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Easy Life ProFito

Item #: s-el-37000x

Easy-Life ProFito is an all-in-one, universal plant food which is suitable for all water plants in aquaria. The composition of ProFito ensures strong, healthy and lush plant growth.

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After much internal and external testing the formula of this product was simply the best regarding the rate of growth, the formation of leaves and the recovery of leaves which had holes or were discoloured (mostly due to mineral deficiency). Dozens of ingredients are ideally mixed together. The compilation of this fertilizer garantees a strong, healthy and lush plant growth. The usage of ProFito makes the addition of extra iron or potassium fertilizers mostly unnecessary. In almost all cases this even applies to heavily planted tanks. So ProFito really is a universal fertilizer. It makes the separate use of other liquid fertilizers unnecessary. Everything is already present in ProFito.

The presence of high concentrations of especially iron, potassium and magnesium in ProFito, the need of the plants is fullfilled to take up large amounts of these nutrients. Moreover this plant nourishment product consists of many additional socalled micronutrients such as manganese, boron, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, copper, tin, nickel, fluorine, iodine, aluminium, zinc, selenium and vanadium. These substances in combination with a number of rare minerals give the plants just what they need to grow up easily. The plants are stimulated to form cytokinines (plant hormones) in greater quantities so that cell division proceeds more rapidly. Leaves grow bigger and wider, and additionally the leaves show a more intensive colouration.
The supply of nutrients in ProFito is so optimal, that plants will grow fast and strong. Thus unwanted compounds in the aquarium, like certain nitrogen and phosphate compounds, will be taken up by plants quicker. Nitrate, phosphate and ammonium are removed faster out of the aquarium water by the plants. This way the water quality is well supported by the usage of ProFito. Moreover it improves and maintains a better biological balance in the aquarium.

Of course ProFito does not contain nitrate or phosphate. The nutrients in the product are stabilized by various chelating agents. An anti-oxidant and a preservative prevent the deterioration of the product to ensure a long shelf life. The product may be kept in a cool and dark place to preserve it even longer. But always keep it out of children's reach.


- highly concentrated and complete universal fertilizer
- all nutrients in one product
- makes the extra addition of iron or potassium almost always superfluous
- for a strong, healthy and lush plant growth
- promotes the formation of cytokinines and thus cell division
- leaves grow wider, more intensive colouration
- improves the quality of the aquarium water
- improves and maintains the biological balance in the aquarium
- multiple stabilized
- free of nitrates and phosphates
- very economical to use 
Why extra complete and highly concentrated ?

There are many different aquariums und each tank is unique. They have a (slightly) different pH, are filled with a diffent kind of tap water, the conductivity varies, they contain different fish and plants, etcetera. It's difficult to put together an efficient plant fertilizer that is suitable for so many different aquariums. In any case Von Liebig's law of the minimum applies : if one nutrient is missing or deficient, plant growth will be poor, even if the other elements are abundant. By using ProFito the chance of a deficiency becomes really small.

Easy-Life ProFito in combination with Easy-Life fluid filter medium

It is very recommendable to use ProFito in combination with Easy-Life ffm. Easy-Life ffm exhibits dozens of powerful positive effects in the aquarium. In addition to that, it transports the nutrients which are present in the tank more efficiently to the plants. Furthermore it also contains additional minerals to support plant growth. If Easy-Life ffm is used on a regular basis, then the dosage of the fertilizer can be made even more economical.

Important : When ProFito is added to the aquarium water, then it would be best to wait a few hours before Easy-Life ffm is brought into the system. Otherwise Easy-Life ffm would immediately attract compounds of the fertilizer. So it would be better to wait until the fertilizer has had the chance to be distributed. On the other hand, if Easy-Life ffm was added first, then wait for a few hours after the water has cleared up. Add ProFito after that.

Extra tip : To provide partly diluted tap water or pure osmosis water with essential minerals, you can use ProFito and Easy-Life ffm. Add 1/4 dosage ProFito and 1/2 dosage Easy-Life ffm to the water. This way the mineral deficient aquarium water is provided with excellent essential minerals. Moreover, a fantastic water quality is being created at the same.

Please note that ProFito contains copper, so it is not recommended to use with with snails or crabs.
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Paulius writes: 03.12.2019
Perfect fertilizer
Jaana writes: 25.10.2019
one of my favorites
Jaana writes: 02.05.2019
favorite fertilizer
Dalibor writes: 14.09.2018
Best fertilizer.
Tomi writes: 05.05.2018
One of the bes allround fertilizers for freshwater plants
Simo writes: 03.04.2018
Very good effect to the plants especially when used together with Easycarbo.
svetozar writes: 16.03.2018
This is very best fertilizer.
Roelens writes: 09.03.2018
Mika writes: 09.03.2018
very good and economical plant fertilizer!
tsvika writes: 01.03.2018
The best fertilizer ever
Dominik writes: 10.02.2018
Sehr guter Dünger, der meinem Becken nach wenigen Wochen einen spürbaren Pflanzenwuchs erzeugte.
(Dünge in Kombination mit "Easy-Life Carbo")
Die empfohlene Dosierung sollte jedoch wie bei jedem Dünger eingehalten werden!
antonio writes: 03.02.2018
Very useful when the plants have holes.
josip writes: 01.02.2018
Everything is growing:)
Paulius writes: 22.01.2018
Nice fertilizer
Paulius writes: 22.01.2018
Nice fertilizer
Kristof writes: 03.01.2018
very good fertilizer, no additional iron or other additives needed. Regular application maintains good and full plants.
Robert writes: 13.08.2017
Good fertilizer but there are more professional alternatives of coarse. a good alround product.
Azienda Agricola writes: 23.06.2017
only two words: the best!!
Oleg writes: 13.08.2015
CO2 + this fertilizer makes my plants happy.
Janne writes: 08.05.2015
I have tried many brands and this is the one.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 01.02.2015
It´s a very complete fertilizer. Nice price and useful.
Veselin writes: 28.01.2015
Great product!
Adam writes: 10.09.2014
It is OK. I am using it with Carbo, Nitro and Fosfo
Luc writes: 16.04.2014
Kwaliteit voor weinig geld.
Erika writes: 31.03.2014
Good quality product for a cheap price! Plants love it
Martin writes: 10.03.2014
Very good product and price. Recommend!
Joy writes: 05.03.2014
Great product at a good price.
Veselin writes: 09.01.2014
Great product!
Vladimir writes: 05.01.2014
Very good
Normunds writes: 02.12.2013
One of the best fertilizers for plant aquariums.
On the bad qualities can only note that for large packs (2 - 5l) for a long time a precipitate. As well as from the use of this important fertilizer Do not overdose and follow the manufacturer's recommendation to start with a 50% dose.
Ville writes: 22.10.2013
I did not taste it myself, but I quess it's good for the plants since my plants look more fresh & green now
Massimiliano writes: 07.10.2013
it's basic but worth the money. Limited quantitities needed
Alexander writes: 10.05.2013
good fertilizer
if use right , no algae problems
not bad price
Genadi writes: 12.02.2013
A great product. I got a new vision for my tank!
IONEL writes: 01.02.2013
Excellent fertilizer, a good price, no algae problems!
Robert writes: 24.01.2013
goood fertilizer, it is fantastic, economic,my plant grow away rapidly!!!!!!
500ml package is for my 250lit. amazonia aquarium to 4-5 months:-))))
Sonia writes: 06.11.2012
very good product, very good fertilizer.
Johanna writes: 12.10.2012
my favourite for my plants. I like your prices!
Mike writes: 24.04.2012
very good fertilizer, works perfect with EasyCarbo and Ferro
Tommy writes: 27.03.2012
A functional fertilizer that works even better if combined with EasyCarbo from the same manufacturer.
DOUFEKAS writes: 15.12.2011
Very good with superb price / effectiveness ratio.
Johannes writes: 17.10.2011
Easy to use and effective!