Aquili Fertilizer tablets 12 pcs.

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Düngetabletten mit Eisen und vielen Spurenelementen.

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• It provides nourishment to the roots and promotes its growth
• It favours plant growth, making them healthy and lush
• It contains iron, potassium and all vital oligoelements
• It provides plants with iodine and vitamines
• It is nitrate and phosphate free

Main Elements
FE - Iron Mg - Magnesium Z - Sulphur K - Potassium
Lesser Elements - Micronourishing
Zi - Zinc Mn - Manganese
Elements in Traces
B - Boron Cu - Copper Mo - Molybdenum Co - Cobalt
Vitamin B
I - Iodine

Product type Plant fertilizer
Water type freshwater
Type Wurzeldünger
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Robert writes: 13.08.2017
Low price - low quality. You have to be very quick to apply these pellets before they simply break up in midwater and start to float around in the tank. Buy some other product not these - my recommendation. Does give the plants nutrition though if you manage to insert them in the gravel before distorting. Use a long tweezer.
Simo writes: 23.06.2017
Seems to be an ok root fertilizer.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 21.10.2015
Good fertilizer, easy to use and good price.
Jaana writes: 21.09.2014
Easy to use. Good product.
Daniel writes: 01.04.2014
Se disuelven facilmente, la calidad no es muy buena. Barato
Ludwig writes: 27.04.2013
Buy JBL 7 kugeln instead, much better.
Tomi writes: 23.12.2011
Time will tell are these any good in terms of nutrients. Using these was bit difficult because they tend to break down during setting them to my gravel. Price is ofcourse very low so I'm not complaining if they seem to work properly.
Lorenzo writes: 17.10.2011
Buon prodotto per piante poco esigenti quali Echinodorus bleheri oppure Cryptocoryne.