Aqua Medic Kalkreaktor KR 400

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Zur Kalziumversorgung von Meerwasseraquarien bis 400 l Inhalt

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The Calciumreactor KR 400 is a sealed system operating at a very low flow rate. Within the reactor calcium and calcium bicarbonate ions are release by the controlled dosing of CO2 gas. This provides the calcium hydrocarbonate that hard corals require to build their exoskeletons. The filter can be installed in almost any position, inside or outside the aquarium or the cabinet. To provide the water flow, we recommend our SP 1500 dosing pump. The reactor is filled with Hydrocarbonate – a pure form of calcium carbonate with an extremely low phosphate level. For optimum control and the most economic use of the CO2 gas, we recommend the reactor be used in conjunction with a pH controller or pH computer. The reactor is already equipped to accept our specific pressurised electrode.
Dimensions - without electrode (l x w x h): 14.4 x 10 x 37 cm (c. 5.8”x 4” x 14.5”)
Aqua Medic CO2 –set basic
Aqua Medic m-ventil solenoid valve
Aqua Medic pH Computer or Aqua Medic pH Controller c/w pressure resistant pH probe – short - threaded PG13.5;

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Kalkreaktor KR 400
Product type Calcium reactor
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