TUNZE Wavecontroller [7092.000]

Item #: tu-7092.000

Realisieren Sie ganz einfach eine Wellensimulation in Ihrem Aquarium mit dem Tunze Wavecontroller 7092.000. Dieser kann bis zu zwei Pumpen synchron oder gegenseitig ansteuern und ist für alle Tunze Turbelle mit elektronischem Motor geeignet.

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Features of the Tunze 7092.000 Wavecontroller:

  • Adjustable power and pulse duration of the two pumps
  • Generating an oscillating current with the Tunze Wavebox.
  • Generating an oscillating current with Turbelle ® pumps and pump Turbelle Stream.
  • The resonance frequency in case of oscillating will be searched automatically.
  • The pump can be started smoothly by ramping.
  • A food timer disables the pump by pressing a button. These are automatically restarted then after eight to ten minutes.
  • A Tunze 7094.050 Photo cell (not included) can be connected to the Tunze Wavecontroller 7092.000. This activates the automatically the night mode when lights are off.

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