Flake Food

Flake food is for most aquarists, the staple food is par excellence. Advantage of the flake feed is, that itt floats some time on the surface and thus very good eaten even by surface fishes. The flake food is dosed by its structure very well. You take the flake food just between the fingertips and spread it on the surface. You also can crumble the flakes, so that they have the right size for the kept fish. The offered flake foods are gone through quality products.

Especially it is important that the size of the feed box is tuned to the amount of the required feed flakes. After opening the flake feed it loses quite fast in vitamins. Therefore we recommend that, rather different to choose smaller packages. In order to expand the diet of your fish, also is the flake food is always fresh. If you prefer to use bulk fish food packages, so fill up some food into a smaller can, from which you feed it. So the flake food which remains in the larger box is longer fresh because it does not always come into contact with fresh air.