Tropic Marin Expert-Testset

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Zur Bestimmung der lebenswichtigen Wasserwerte in Meerwasseraquarien.

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The Tropic Marin Expert-Testset contains important tests for a fast and accurate determination of specific water values, which have a decisive effect on the well being of fish and invertebrates in seawater aquaria.

The Tropic Marin Expert-Testset contents:

pH-Test: Test results in the relevant scale are in intervals of 0.2 pH-units, sufficient for approx. 100 tests.

KH/Alkalinity-Test: Results made visible by a strong colour change. Sufficient for approx. 100 tests.

Nitrite-Test: Test range from 0.01 to 2 mg /l (nitrite). Sufficient for approx. 20 tests.

Nitrate-Test: Test range from 1 to 100 mg/l (nitrate). sufficient Sufficient for approx.  20 tests.

Ammonia/Ammonium-Test: Test range from 0.1. to 5 mg/l. Sufficient for approx. 30 tests.
Product type Test Kit
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Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 17.12.2014
Great product, high quality
Rui writes: 25.08.2012
Great value for the money spend in this kit