Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS

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Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS ist ein hochwirk-sames Granulat zur Entfernung von Phosphat, Gelbstoffen und organischen Schadstoffen im Meer- und Süßwasseraquarium.

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High levels of phosphates and organic pollutants promote unwanted algae growth and compromise health of aquarium inhabitants. Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS granules are a very effective way to remove both phosphates and organic pollutants in saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
In addition to effective removal of phosphates, Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS takes the place of activated charcoal and will improve the general water quality in the aquarium. Phosphates become so strongly bonded to the Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS granules that it will never be released, even after the full absorption capacity of the Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS is reached.
Tropic Marin still recommends periodic water changes in the aquarium to prevent the built up of undesirable compounds. Regular use of Tropic Marin® ELIMI-PHOS will also help maintain the highest level of water quality in your aquarium.
Each of the small boxes contains 2 Quick & Clean Bags which enable extreme comfortable use.

Application and dosage Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS:

Place 100 g of Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS per 200 liters (53 gallons; 1 Quick & Clean bag contains 100 g of ELIMI-PHOS) of total aquarium system water volume into the tank and position it in the filter or other area of strong water circulation.
It is always a good idea to make any changes in your aquarium environment slowly. If the organic load of the aquarium is very high, start with 100 g per 500 liters (135 gallons) of system volume and slowly increase to the above recommended maximum. This will give your more delicate plants and animals a gradual introduction to the positive change in water quality.
Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS can remain in the aquarium even after its absorption capacity has been reached. When the phosphate level in the aquarium starts to increase again, repeat the above procedure with a new net pouch of Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS.
To closely monitor the phosphate level in your aquarium, we recommend using Tropic Marin® Phosphate Test Kit which will indicate phosphate levels even as low as 0,05 mg/l.
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Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS,2x 100 g
SKU 160113
Tropic Marin ELIMI-PHOS,3x 500 g
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Phosphate remover
Silicate remover
Phosphate remover
Silicate remover
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Ronny writes: 18.03.2018
Super Zeug und wirkt sehr schnell.
mieke writes: 07.03.2018
easy to use!
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 19.09.2015
It´s very efficient in eliminates all phosphate in the reef aquarium. Nice price.