Tropic Eden Calcium reactor media

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Absolutes Premium Medium zur Befüllung und Verwendung im Kalkreaktor. Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™ stellt nicht nur Calcium sonder auch ein breites Spektrum von Mineralien und Spurenelemente bereit.

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Composition - Composed of pure aragonite flakes, calcareous algae, juvenile seashells, coral fragments and other marine organisms. Highly rich in calcium, magnesium, strontium, carbonate and other trace elements essential for the growth of fishes, sps and lps stony corals, crustaceans and all other aquatic organisms.

No Impurities - Each batch of Tropic Eden™ Premium Grade Aragonite Reef Substrates is carefully gathered, processed and inspected at the sites of collection. And thus is completely free of any impurities or harmful materials.

Easy to Use - Ready to use - no rinsing required. Simply fill up the calcium reactor chamber to about three quarters full with the granules and start running the system

Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™ are TRUE marine originated aragonite. Unlike calcium carbonate oolite which forms at the interface of cool and warm oceanic currents.Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™consist of REAL calcareous algae, juvenile seashells, foraminifera shells, coral fragments and other marine calcareous organisms. Because these materials are the remains of marine organisms, they contain all of the essential elements necessary for the growth of marine organisms.

Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™ is carfully collected in remote coral reef sites in the South Pacific Ocean where pristine water and absolute zeor pollution ensure that only aragonite materials or the highest quality are produced. C.R.Media™ is completly reef safe and has lowest content of silica and phosphate compared to other brands. It also contains a very high portion of Halimeda incrassata, a kind of marine calcareous algae the remains of their body are very pure lab grade aragonite flakes. Each batch of Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™ is stingently selected to make sure that it complies to our specification. The perfect grain size ( 3-4 mm) and the extra high porosity of Tropic Eden™ C.R.Media™ (large amount of naturally formed microscopic internal space an channels) ensure that good circulation and easy carbon dioxide penetration through the granule particles, as well as optimum dissolution rate of the aragonite material, which effectively minimize CO2 consumption and emhance overall performance.

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Tropic Eden Calcium reactor media,coarse 3,0 kg
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Calcium reactor

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Janne writes: 03.04.2014
great product .. recommend it
Anssi writes: 07.11.2013
WERY good reactor material!