Tetra Vital

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To promote vitality, well-being and natural colors. Tetra Vital supplements vital vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the local biotope of fish.

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Tetra Vital promotes vitality, well-being and the exotic natural colouring of fish.


  • creates a species-typical biological balance and a natural environment
  • vitality and well being are strengthened by naturally active B vitamins and the trace element iodine (important for combating iodine deficiencies)
  • promotes the growth of plants and micro-organisms
  • contains substances from the fishs natural habitat that tap water can not provide
  • the effect of TetraVital is optimised by the use of AquaSafe
  • we recommend using a double dose if the fish are severely stressed
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Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 29.07.2015
Awsome product, increase the bio-filter and improve the healthy of fishe at same time