Magnetic valve 230 V / Night shut off for CO2

Item #: 190030

The solenoid valve is used for automatic switching off of the CO2 supply. The valve can used with a timer or an automatic pH - controller.

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Product type Night shut off
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Dimitiris writes: 15.04.2018
Good German quality. This valve is a must for those that need to uphold a CO2 schedule. It's a simple solution that may safely shut off the Co2. I have it connected to a timer along with the lights. A must for CO2 setups!
Caroline writes: 03.04.2018
I think it is a nice valve.
Easy to install, easy to understand even without instructions.
alan writes: 15.03.2018
Qualita' equivalente ad altri marchi
Janne writes: 06.03.2018
Very good Co2 Magnetic valve. Works 100%
Markus writes: 12.01.2018
Good product, works very well, mine has been working for a year soon.
Leonid writes: 06.01.2018
excellent product , easy to install and use
Andrei writes: 26.07.2017
After more than 1 year of use, this product still does it's job properly every day. I never had any issues with it, so I give it 5 stars.
Victor writes: 12.01.2013
Perfecto, buena calidad y sin perdidas de CO2 en las conexiones
Daniel writes: 30.11.2012
I have 2 pcs, good quality and easy to install.
Uffe writes: 14.11.2012
I have had 2 of those, they work perfect.
Katerina writes: 03.11.2011
Very reliable. I have two tanks, both equiped with these magnetic valves. One has been running for over 2 years and the other for a year now, without any problem. Perfect value for money.
Samuel writes: 11.10.2011
Easy to install and use. Works 100%.