Giesemann Megachrome Coral E40

Item #: s-172013

MEGACHROME coral – Die Lichtquelle für alle Meerwasseraquarien die eine große Lichtleistung in Kombination mit einem hohen Blauanteil benötigen.

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The light spectrum has a deep blue accent and shows fluorescent effects on many corals which gives a completely different impression of the colour.

The higher colour temperature of this bulb is achieved through a special manufacturing process which at the same time guarantees a long colour stability which is a problem with many bulbs towards the blue end of the spectrum.

This bulb contributes to a healthy growth of your corals and produces stunning
colours in your reef aquarium.

colour temperature: over 14.500 Kelvin

available in 150 and 250 Watt double ended,

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Giesemann Megachrome Coral E40,250 W - E40
SKU 172013
Giesemann Megachrome Coral E40,400 W - E40
SKU 172014
Metalldampf (HQI)
Metalldampf (HQI)
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