GHL Measurement Cell 4fold [PL-0628]

Item #: gh-PL-0628

Dient zur Aufnahme von bis zu vier Sensoren zur Messwerterfassung.

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The GHL sensors can be inserted watertight into the water cycle with the help of stopper screwings.

The construction of the measurement chamber provides an optimal circulation as well as a self-purification effect on the sensors.

This can result in a longer lifetime of the sensors with at the same time less maintenance requirements.

The measurement cell has to be integrated in the return flow (after the filter). In case of a reduction of pressure or current speed you have to consider using a bypass.

The positioning of the measurement cell must be in a way that no pressure can build up within the cell, since this can lead to a destruction of the sensors.

In order to insert a sensor, you have to release the corresponding screw nut a bit. The sensor is then inserted, after wards you have to tighten the nut again.

Not used sensor holes can be closed with the delivered round sticks.

Technical data:

  • Diametre: 110 mm
  • Input/ Output: PVC, 20 mm
  • Sensor diametre: 12 mm
Product type Digital Meter
 Link to manufacturer GHL

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