GHL Mitras Simu Driver Euro [PL-0976]

Item #: gh-PL-0976

Erforderlich für den Betrieb von Mitras-Simu-Sticks. Mit einem Gerät ist der gleichzeitige Betrieb von 4 Mitras-Simu-Sticks möglich.

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If more than 4 sticks shall be operated, the device can be expanded with YL-cables (connection to L-Ports).

The GHL Mitras Simu Driver has 2 L-Port-sockets (= 4 x 1-10 V interfaces) for the connection of a controlling device (ProfiLux, ManuDimm) are available.

The connected Mitras-Simu-Sticks are dimmed according to the attached 1-10V-signals.

If no controlling device is connected - all 4 LED-channels are operated with 100 % performance, dimmed operation or thunderstorms are not possible then, of course.

A simple switch-off of the lamp can be achieved by a clock-timer.

Width (from left to right) in cm 10 cm
Depth (from front to back) in cm 2,4 cm
Height (bottom to top) in cm 6,7 cm
Equipment Desktop power supply 12 V/ 5 A, 2x connection cables to 1-10 V outputs
Product type Controller
 Link to manufacturer GHL

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