Filterwool fine

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Filterwatte fein entfernt grobe und feine Schwebstoffe aus dem Wasserkreislauf. Sie ist vollsysthetisch und gibt keine Stoffe an das Aquarienwasser ab. Filterwatte sollte regelmäßg gewechselt werden.

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Coarse titer, high crimped and chemically pure, those are the three factors which guarant the highest stability in fresh and seawater. Before usage simply rinse the Filterwool fine under running water.

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Filterwool fine,1000 g
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Kevin writes: 18.02.2019
Great product and good price.
Kevin writes: 18.02.2019
Great product and good price.
Michel writes: 23.08.2018
Cheap and quantity perfect for use in all filters, important rinse well under water before use!! Someone don't make!
antonio writes: 31.05.2018
hello good and so cheap in
Jorge Miguel Martins de writes: 12.03.2018
Gr8 price and excelente quality.
I use it on my Eheim 2026, 2217 and 2213.
Rasmus writes: 26.01.2018
A lot cheaper than pre-cut cottonpads.
Stefan writes: 17.01.2018
Cheap products and high quality.
Kalle writes: 22.09.2017
Great value!
BERGAMIN writes: 01.09.2017
Excellent product and nice price!
Tarja writes: 12.07.2017
Nice price and a good product.
Miguel writes: 21.09.2015
Bom complemento para as sumps. Boa capacidade de filtragem e bastante económico.
Carlos writes: 17.09.2014
Muito bom... e preço excelente.
BERGAMIN writes: 10.09.2014
Good product and nice price
Maria Teresa writes: 29.07.2014
Un gran producto a un precio supereconomico.
Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 28.07.2014
Very good product, works fine and last a lot of time.
Robin writes: 26.07.2014
Great price, lasts long time.
Alan writes: 23.06.2014
Good value for money
Francesco writes: 10.06.2014
good product and nice price
Daniel writes: 02.04.2014
bueno y barato
Vitaliy writes: 27.02.2014
for little money a lot of product. for long enough and the quality is good.
Bernardino writes: 21.11.2013
Ottimo prodotto a buon prezzo.
Daniel writes: 10.10.2013
muy buen producto
Massimiliano writes: 07.10.2013
buon prodotto. economico e semplice
Daniel writes: 18.04.2013
Muy bien, barato y buena calidad
Kazantzas writes: 27.03.2013
great value for money for the 1000g!!
Thomas writes: 20.03.2013
You can't get better value for money than this product. Very good quality.
Alessandro writes: 06.03.2013
Buona sia per filtrare, che per lavare i vetri.
José Pedro writes: 12.02.2013
Very good pre-filter!
Sonia writes: 04.12.2012
Very good relation price/quality, it has a great price and great quality.
Keith writes: 27.10.2012
You can't get better value for money than this product. Very good quality.
ATHANASIOS writes: 20.08.2012
best value for money!!
chaiwat writes: 08.06.2012
i use this one . it is better
Petra writes: 28.05.2012
This product is ideal for fine filtering, in external filters, better in most cases than the preformed manufacturers product, and much better value for money
Alan writes: 24.11.2011
Excellent product at a very good price
Miguel Ângelo writes: 23.11.2011
Excellent price/quality ratio.
Robert writes: 26.10.2011
Very cheap as an option to original filterwool products from other brands.