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Die Titan-Heizstäbe von Schego sind die optimale Ergänzung zum Regler TR 1000. Ihr Leistungsspektrum erstreckt sich von 50 bis 300 Watt. Sie sind aus hochwertigem Titanrohr gefertigt, daher unzerbrechlich und seewasserfest. Alle Schego Titan-Hei
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50 W (33,78 €)
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Their power range extends from 50 to 300 watts. They are manufactured from high-quality titanium tube, therefore indestructible and sea water-proof. All Schego titanium heating elements are grounded and correspond to the high safety standard of the VDE 'association of German electrical engineers'.
Schego Heater/titanium tube,50 W
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Schego Heater/titanium tube,75 W
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Schego Heater/titanium tube,100 W
ItemID: 103052
Schego Heater/titanium tube,150 W
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Schego Heater/titanium tube,200 W
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Schego Heater/titanium tube,250 W
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Schego Heater/titanium tube,300 W
ItemID: 103056
Schego Heater/titanium tube,600 W
ItemID: 103057
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Ratings to Schego Heater/titanium tube:

Leonardo Araujo dos writes: Date: 26.07.2015 Time: 00:25

A very nice project for a resystent heater
Paulius writes: Date: 13.01.2015 Time: 16:01

Perfect heater
Niko writes: Date: 25.08.2014 Time: 20:53

Great build quality, simple to use, good suction cups for attachment.
Ioannis writes: Date: 29.04.2013 Time: 13:18

Very Reliable!
Sergejs writes: Date: 16.07.2012 Time: 11:00

simple in use.
George writes: Date: 22.11.2011 Time: 01:12

Simply the ... best!
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