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Das JBL KH Test Set ist ein einfach zu handhabender Schnelltest zur Bestimmung der Karbonathärte oder Säurebindungskapazität im Süß- und Seewasser.
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Test Set (7,58 €)
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Carbonate hardness test for fresh- and saltwater.
1 drop = 1° dCH (GCH).
Colour change from blue to yellow.
JBL KH-Test Set,Test Set
ItemID: 050650
JBL KH-Test Reagens,Test Reagens
ItemID: 050651
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Ratings to JBL KH-Test:

roussange writes: Date: 09.04.2014 Time: 15:55

very good price
JOSE MIGUEL writes: Date: 10.01.2014 Time: 12:48

Good and easy to read test.
Alexander writes: Date: 29.05.2013 Time: 00:53

Easy to use, not chip. From previous - about 180 drops(meana abt 30 tests for KH 6)
Petri writes: Date: 25.11.2012 Time: 19:57

Good and easy to read test; drops are added until water color changes. Accuracy is by 1dH, but possible to use more (e.g. 2x) test water to have more accurate readings.
chaiwat writes: Date: 08.10.2012 Time: 01:23

easy for use test
Joao Carlos writes: Date: 26.09.2012 Time: 12:04

Very precise!
I think it's the best quality/price relationship test in my point of view!
Alberto writes: Date: 01.07.2012 Time: 18:54

Very accurate test! Good value quality/price
Alvaro writes: Date: 16.05.2012 Time: 10:42

Reagens: Perfect replacement for the JBL set combi, without instructions
Sergejs writes: Date: 15.03.2012 Time: 09:35

good & chip product.
Markus writes: Date: 08.01.2012 Time: 00:02

Good KH-test, gets the result as it should, according to my water qualitys, stated on my commune's website.
Aquarium from Thomas W. from Germany. Thomas use Easy life ferro and JBL AquaBasis plus as fertilizer. Water hardness he measure with JBL Gh and KH test.
Aquarium from Thomas W. from Germany
 Link to manufacturer: JBL

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